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There's only so much you can learn by reading and re-reading the ground school books. At some stage you will start to ask what kind of questions you will get in the CAA exams. This is where Swales Mock Exams come to the rescue. Swales has been collecting information about the CAA exams from students who have taken the exams over many years. This knowledge has been used to enhance the Swales databases to ensure that they are a true representation of the final exams.

Each app has a comprehensive database with thousands of questions. Meticulously compiled and frequently updated.

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- Multiple choice questions
- Countdown timer which pauses when you leave the app.
- Helpful graphics for some questions
- Overview of exam to see which question have been answered and make it easy to jump to any questions

Instant pass or fail grade

Find out immediately if you passed or failed the exam and get a percentage score. 75% needed to pass.

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History & Exam Review

View the history of all the exams you have taken and the scores achieved.

Review each exam by seeing which questions you got right or wrong and learn the correct answer with background information and more graphics to aid you understanding.

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